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Your education is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Not only does it require a significant monetary commitment, but it also requires a substantial dedication of time, attention and energy. Deciding on the best school and degree program for you, are crucial in order to ensure that you get the highest value from your investment in the shortest possible time. In making these decisions, you should compare schools, considering factors such as school size, location, program availability, admissions requirements and tuition rates.

Top Schools has created the Internet’s most complete database of colleges and universities around the nation to help you as you assess your options. We give you the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding school admissions, tuition and financial aid, by providing you with governmental statistics as well as direct links to school websites and other relevant resources. We also provide you with facts and figures regarding what the most popular degree programs at each school are, by highlighting the number of students who graduate from these programs. In addition, our comprehensive database gives you insight about student and campus life by presenting valuable data regarding students and faculty, along with relevant social media links to give you a feel for the beat of each school.

Top Schools’ college and university database is also the most user-friendly school resource on the web. It is especially designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You can search our database in multiples ways, using a variety of search criteria to refine your search. If you already know which state you would like to study in, simply search by state to find all of the schools in the state of your choice. Or, if you have an idea of the subjects your are interested in, you can search by subject to find schools across the nation with relevant programs. You can further refine your search by limiting factors such as the school size, the degree levels offered or admission rates.

As a bonus, Top Schools features an interactive school map that allows you to explore school campuses and the surrounding areas. First, simply filter our database for the colleges of your choice. The schools that match your criteria will be marked on the map at the top of our site. Second, click on the person icon and drag it to the marker corresponding to the school you would like to explore, and release. An image of the school campus will appear. Third, enjoy. Using your track pad or mouse, you can start exploring.

Coming soon, Top Schools is expanding to include a K-12 school directory!